Currently Reading: Madeleine Roux

So I just had an incredible chat with this lady. She blew my mind. There is an excess of things in the writing world I do not yet understand, and she revealed about half of them to me. You have no idea how relieved I am about this. As I finish up my first novel,… Continue reading Currently Reading: Madeleine Roux


Lightsaber School

Imagine this. You are ready for another long day of cleaning library materials. You have already alphabetized all of the carts to enable the pages to do their jobs more constructively, and counted the library book usage using the Millennium Circulation system. Then, the magical librarian appears and her face lights up when she sees… Continue reading Lightsaber School

Professional Development

Building Your Professional Profile

Building Your Professional Profile This is crazy exciting. I have gained permission from my employers to do something that has never been a part of my job before--although, to be honest, that is not something new. Not only have I already expanded this job to create and control all of the official department social media,… Continue reading Building Your Professional Profile


Being an American Girl

A tea party! In November, two lovely Debbies at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh-Main let me decorate a room for an American Girl Tea Party. Neatly tied bows on every chair, curling banners over the ceiling, and few on people. And everything--pink! For each girl and doll, there were magnets and bracelets to make and… Continue reading Being an American Girl