Professional Development

Building Your Professional Profile

Building Your Professional Profile

This is crazy exciting. I have gained permission from my employers to do something that has never been a part of my job before–although, to be honest, that is not something new. Not only have I already expanded this job to create and control all of the official department social media, in the past six months of my working here this job has developed into vastly different areas, including managing over 35 students in the Undergraduate Teaching Assistant Program and developing highly-rated stress-relief programs for undergraduates with no budget. But this? This is something even better!

The link above leads you to my test website, a site developed for the sole purpose of training and educating BS and PhD students to develop their own websites for their future careers. It’s not LinkedIn. It’s not Facebook. It’s not Monster. It’s a website solely controlled and developed by them. The CSS and HTML were inspired by my peer’s, Eloise Stevens, professional website. The informational session I developed and will present is going to be one hour and contain all of the information necessary for ESL students to navigate Filezilla and Notepad++ in order to turn this basic website into their own personalized webpage.

I cannot wait to tell you how it all turns out!


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