Currently Reading: Madeleine Roux

Currently Reading: Madeleine Roux

So I just had an incredible chat with this lady. She blew my mind. There is an excess of things in the writing world I do not yet understand, and she revealed about half of them to me.

You have no idea how relieved I am about this.

As I finish up my first novel, I am going to take it the normal route. I am going to query agents. I am going to wait, twiddle my thumbs, and see how many rejections I get.

Yes, I’ve already been offered a publishing deal, but I want to build my first book properly, from the ground up. This woman made me realize how all the more sane that idea is. She is the very first person who has applauded me for turning down my two-book deal to take the slow route.

And she has a killer mohawk. So I’m reading her book.


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