Kazoo Fest 2014

Kazoo Fest 2014

At the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh-Main Children’s Department, the KazooFest took the stage as reporters flew in and out of the scene, children buzzed their newly discovered All-American musical instruments, and everyone wore lovely hats, including yours truly. There has not been one program I have been a part of where the children and adults took such joy in participating. Grandmothers danced in the back with their arms up in the air, two-year old boys and girls kept quizzically puffing their cheeks, and 3rd-graders raced to put their names down on the raffle for a Metal Kazoo,

It was glorious. It was professional. The librarian in charge of the event followed the educational dictate that guides most librarians when developing programs. She taught the physical requirements for kazoo-ing. She gave a science lesson and showed how the air makes sound. She gave a history lesson to show where the instrument came from, tying it to Black History Month. She cited her sources and started the children with “Row, Row, Row Your Boat,” then to the difficult and mentally stimulating challenge of dancing and kazoo-ing with “Hokey-Poky” and progressed steadily on toward Beethoven.

Crafting followed, as it always does, and as the crowd eased away the experience stayed.


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