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I was first introduced to the single page book at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh-Main Children’s Department as a winter craft. There, I worked with children to develop their hand-eye coordination, ability to plan and creativity muscles.

The process of the event went as follows:

  • I told them to pick colors that they liked and develop a theme around those colors
  • After they had created a collage of colors, they were told to do the same with the other side of paper.Some children picked only printed papers to decorate their books, others preferred warm colors, and some cut their decorating paper in designs to spice up the background.
  • Once both sides were decorated, we folded them similarly to the instructions found here.
  • They were to make two stories using stamps after creating their reversible booklet.

For those that developed themes around their colors, they were amazed at how beautifully the story transitioned from one page to the next. Just folding it to make parts of the paper “pages” changed the way they viewed their collage. One girl wrote a mystery story to find a missing cat, another wrote a bug book. The following pictures show an adaptation I made to the program to make Valentine’s Day joke books:

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