Month: September 2015

Lee Memorial Library Social Media Procedure

Social Media Procedures

Above is the recommended Social Media Procedure for Lee Memorial Library, drafted from my previous Physics and Astronomy Social Media Policy. Whereas the Physics and Astronomy Policy highlighted the importance of limiting the number of posters on the main page, the library works quite a bit differently.

In the library, we have a Social Media Team instead of a primary and secondary poster. This means that individuals must post on a schedule and are responsible for their publications. We have run into issues in the past where one team member would be unable to post so they asked another team member to post the information for them.

Why was this an issue? Because the information that was posted on social media was wrong. Community members noticed and no one knew who to blame. These procedures prevent any incident like that from occurring. Now, if Team Member A posts in lieu of another Team Member B they must be responsible for obtaining full approval of the post from Team Member B before posting.

Problems resolved!

Physics and Astronomy Social Media

Physics Graduate students selling hoagies as part of their annual sale (2013)

What’s the best way to engage the community while still keeping it personalized? Social media answers this question fairly well, but it takes persistence and quality posts to make it truly interactive. When I first began at the University of Pittsburgh’s Department of Physics and Astronomy, one of the first things they wanted was a social media policy and social media to match. Within the first week of my work there, I had both a Twitter and Facebook account with photos of recent programs and famous satellites and telescopes that worked in conjunction with the department and a social media policy to match.

My bosses were pleased to say the least.

View the PhyAstro_Pitt Twitter Account

View the Physics and Astronomy Facebook Account

It’s been over 12 months since I have updated these, but I am happy to say that they have kept to the style, profile photos, and design of the sites that I originally set out. Here’s to sustainable social media design! Hooray!

Another fun fact: the Department of Physics and Astronomy was the first department to develop a social media policy. Soon after I was hired, a social media coordinator was hired for the entire University. Guess who they asked to provide a template for a policy for the entire University?


Physics and Astronomy Website Goes Live

Undergraduate students with famed mathematician and physicist, Sir Roger Penrose (2014)

They’ve done it! During the summer of 2014 I developed the website organization and content for the University of Pittsburgh’s Department of Physics and Astronomy. In this project, I maintained communications between the professors, administration, and design committee as well as providing copy-editing and organization for the entire website’s content. I updated all the information available and presented over 40 pages of written content for approval before leaving. I also took pictures of every lab and research group to provide photographic content for the website. It was my final act as Website Administrator and Undergraduate Coordinator there.

Visit the New Website Here

I am happy to see that they have kept most of my written content and structure as well as refining many aspects of the Graduate section that were incomplete at my time of departure. All in all, I am proud to see the final product and even more excited to see that the work I did continued on without me.