Professional Development, Social Media

Lee Memorial Library Social Media Procedure

Social Media Procedures

Above is the recommended Social Media Procedure for Lee Memorial Library, drafted from my previous Physics and Astronomy Social Media Policy. Whereas the Physics and Astronomy Policy highlighted the importance of limiting the number of posters on the main page, the library works quite a bit differently.

In the library, we have a Social Media Team instead of a primary and secondary poster. This means that individuals must post on a schedule and are responsible for their publications. We have run into issues in the past where one team member would be unable to post so they asked another team member to post the information for them.

Why was this an issue? Because the information that was posted on social media was wrong. Community members noticed and no one knew who to blame. These procedures prevent any incident like that from occurring. Now, if Team Member A posts in lieu of another Team Member B they must be responsible for obtaining full approval of the post from Team Member B before posting.

Problems resolved!


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