Books and Battles Entry: 11/23/2015

Noralor’s Discovery

Moving through the tunnels with T-Rexes in tow, Noralor soon discovers the great catastrophe of the revolution. Although there are a few survivors, mainly children and some lucky men and women treating burn marks, at least half of the population of the slums has been slain. The massive crypt that has been their home has become a graveyard yet again.

Noralor fed some of the deceased to the T-Rexes.

After attempting to train them, Noralor and Sipele and wolf Momo and their new pets sniff out the party through the tunnels to arrive by their side before Dalygus.

The Library

It is then that the party devolves into chaos. One idea, Sipele’s, stands out among the rest.

“I vote,” Sipele says, “that we take all of the children out of the crypts and use them as a distraction while we break into the palace.”

Dalygus loves this idea and prevents any other, particularly Biskut and Flekt, from making any other option seem plausible. To prevent Noralor from causing him problems, he casts Reckless Infatuation on the half-drow ranger.

He then takes control of the party and leads them back through the crypts, calling to the children in a mesmerizing tune. He gathers 200 children and Bob and takes them through the passages, avoiding any other fights, until they come out above ground in the Palace’s parade grounds.

The Palace

The Palace is surrounded by walls of seeming glass that shimmers below the flashing red sky. The Parade Grounds are an empty acre of gravel and fine sandstone between these walls and the palace itself. The shape of the Palace is a steep mountain, with stairwells that defy all safety measures by wrapping around the outside. The grand entrance is two-stories tall with columns of twisted red glass and a massive stone door. To the left are stables and to the right is a second spire-palace twisting into the sky. No one waist for them outside.

Dalygus gives the signal for the party to begin their infiltration through the stables and begins to call down an illusion on the children. Bob is affected with the children. He begins to see the sky rain blood, each drop burning his skin. A whisper of a suggestion tells him, Screaam and it will all be over.

The party goes the stables and hears the screaming pleas of hundreds of children behind them. Biskut is traumatized with guilt, but the others move forward through the kitchen and a stairwell that leads to the dining hall.

The dining hall is adjacent to the Throne Room, their goal. A scout sees them and backs into the Throne Room, drawing his bow in threat. The party discovers the massive hall filled with dead bodies of well-dressed elves. Elias, their old bard friend, plays off-key music in the far corner of the hall. He looks stricken.

At the front of the room, seated on the deceased elven king’s throne, is the Sorceress. Standing beside her are two young men. Both boys share her dark hair and light eyes, but one of them seems sickened by the sight before him while the other’s eyes glint with mad glee.

Dalygus and the rest of the party arrive just in time for introductions.

“Good Evening, friends,” says the Sorceress, haltingly. “Please, let me introduce you to my boys. Maven.” She waves to the younger son who seems delighted with her attention. “And Cal.” She waves to the other, a much more muscular man who flinches at her motion.

Dalygus pales.

“No, they are not yours, traitor.” She sneers at the enchanter. “Enjoy yourselves.”

Without a goodbye, she leaves the throne room and the parties begin to fight a confused battle. The younger son Maven summons a monstrous creature made of the wrath of a mother and child murdered. This creature possesses the body of the scout. Elias the Bard flees. Dalygus become invisible, attacks the older son Cal, and disappears, forcing the infatuated Noralor to become staggered. A scream from the summoned creature prevents Biskut from attacking, trapping her in an infinite sorrow.

The older son Cal attacks the creature his brother summoned, causing mass confusion. Eventually the younger brother Maven, outnumbered, becomes invisible and leaves behind a death cloud that grows by the minute. The last thing the party hears before the fight to its close is a scream from Cal.


The next Books and Battles meeting is December 7, 2015.



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