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Augmented Reality


Dear Students,

The game is simple.

A mass breakout from Azkaban has left Hogwarts in disarray. Dangerous criminals are stalking the halls and students are disappearing left and right. Seek out the criminals in your Marauder’s Map and find all the clues you can before he or she does any more harm.

Your new app, Zappar, will be essential in seeking out the murderer. Zap the codes for clues. You may need to stand in a particular spot for certain clues, so look out for special markings on the carpet.

Once you have all your evidence, submit your Primary Suspect, Weapon, and Place by tapping on the Hogwarts Crest on your map. There are 20 clues in all!

Best of Luck,


Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster


View Google Form Here

View Google Drive Folder Here


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