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Escape the Room: Program Guide


The Internship: Mystery Night

Grades 7-12

Date: August 3, 2016

Number of Attendees: 3 sessions of 5-10 people

Length: 1pm-4pm, 50 minutes for each group

Staff/Volunteers: This program requires 1 staff member to facilitate and 2 volunteers to assist with the activities


  • Old office supplies
  • A table with fun board games, etc.
  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • Old laptops
  • Post-it notes
  • An empty filing cabinet
  • A printer
  • Office knick-knacks

Room/Tech Setup:

The room will be set up to imitate that of a low budget start-up company. There will be a desk for the Team Leader, one for two Programmers, one for the Graphic Designer, and one for the Financial Officer. Decoration is up to the program coordinator. One computer on these desks will be accessible via a Guest account with no internet access and a series of screenshots with clues in the form of pretend Facebook messages and photos. The rest will not have their battery packs in or plugs in. The password to this Guest account will be found in a bunch of post-it notes. Each person will enter with a notecard that gives them a brief summary of their character and their character’s goals. Two volunteers will be placed in each session to ensure the safety of the room and its occupants, pretending to be ignorant interns. In order to complete the puzzle, the interns must either text the correct passcode to the correct cell number or pass a piece of paper under the door of the meeting room that has the correct passcode on it.

Helpful Websites:

Publicity and Documents:

Instagram, Facebook, and by personal invitation.

Description of Program:

Premise: You and your fellow students have worked your way into obtaining internships into the start-up app company, Hability. After a grueling first day, you and your fellow interns are the only ones left in the office. One of you tries to leave and discovers you have been locked inside. Do you wait and hope that someone will let you out? Or can you find the secrets that will help you escape?

WARNING: Teams cannot break open or jerry-rig the doors. Any attempted damage done to the room will result in immediate expulsion from the game. The clues will lead you to a resolution that will allow you to escape, if you can complete it in time. After 50 minutes, the janitor will happen upon you and let you out, but prizes will be given to the groups that solve all the clues and escape before their time is up.


If a team finished early, they would get cake. Notes around the room kept saying “THE CAKE IS A LIE” to distract them during their investigations. I also found out that if I put notes on windows and closets and doors that said, “Not an Exit,” they would not even try to open it, even if they were unlocked.

Teams that finished early also created fake clues to confuse the teams after them.


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