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Board Game Lending Policy

West Caldwell Public Library

The Library offers a variety of board games for loan. Each board game is housed in its individual box with a label listing its pieces, cover art, and barcode number.

  • Board games have a loan period of 7 days with one renewal.
  • Late fees are $1.00 a day.
  • Board games must be returned to the West Caldwell Public Library during normal business hours. They cannot be returned via a different library or through the book drop.
  • Board games cannot be sent to or requested by any other BCCLS library. Their classification in Polaris is “Uncatalogued.” They are considered Young Adult Media.
  • A fine will be assigned to the most recent borrower for any missing pieces.
  • A fine will be assigned to patrons who attempt to return a board game through the book drop.

Board games are available to any West Caldwell Public Library cardholder with an account in good standing.

Library staff strongly recommends that borrowers inspect the board game they are checking out before leaving the library so that they may immediately report any problems with the board game. Upon checkout, the borrower assumes full responsibility for the board game(s) and all components. All returned board games must be assessed for condition and components by the Young Adult Librarian or his or her proxy before being shelved.

If the board game is not returned 7 days after its due date it will be considered lost and the borrower will then be charged the full cost of replacing the item.

Complete board games in good condition may be donated to the library and assessed for circulation.

NOTE: This is a loan program ONLY. The library staff is not available for instruction. Detailed instructions are provided in the game box.





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