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NJ Makers Day 2016: A Report

March 2016 Report

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World Languages Day

All Ages Date: April 16, 2016 Number of Attendees: 20-40 Length: 2pm-4pm Staff/Volunteers: This program requires 1 staff member and 4 foreign language groups Budget/Supplies: World language crafts to-go for all ages Microphone Presentation equipment Food from other cultures Room/Tech Setup: The set-up requires the Meeting Room, the projector set-up, and a microphone for speakers… Continue reading World Languages Day

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Do’s and Do Not’s of Library After-School Crowds

Do's and Do-Not's of Library After-School Care Helpful Tips and Procedures DO welcome the kids as they enter the library. Making eye contact with them and recognizing them as patrons will let them build respect for both you and themselves. DO make sure any caregiver is aware of their children. Policy: “...children age 7 and… Continue reading Do’s and Do Not’s of Library After-School Crowds

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Classics for the Modern Child

Here, I have two options. One brochure I made at Lee Memorial Library highlighting the collection's Classics for Children. The second I made at West Caldwell Public Library based on books that can be considered of high literary content despite their recent publications. You can choose which one you like better: Classics for Children Classics… Continue reading Classics for the Modern Child