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World Languages Day

All Ages

Date: April 16, 2016

Number of Attendees: 20-40

Length: 2pm-4pm

Staff/Volunteers: This program requires 1 staff member and 4 foreign language groups


  • World language crafts to-go for all ages
  • Microphone
  • Presentation equipment
  • Food from other cultures

Room/Tech Setup:

The set-up requires the Meeting Room, the projector set-up, and a microphone for speakers to use. There will be a table for imported snacks. Take-out crafts will be by the door for people to take as they leave.

Helpful Websites:


Publicity and Documents:


Description of Program:

Each group will share a part of their representative culture every 30 minutes in an individualized presentation.


Consider partnering with ESL classes and local college clubs


Dr. Isabelle Genest, French Club Advisor at Caldwell University,

Dr. Roxanne Knott-Kuczborski, Italian Club Advisor,

Dr. Sally Jo Weber, Phi Sigma Iota Advisor,

Karen Looker, James Caldwell High School Latin Club

James Caldwell High School Culture Club


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