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World Languages Day

All Ages Date: April 16, 2016 Number of Attendees: 20-40 Length: 2pm-4pm Staff/Volunteers: This program requires 1 staff member and 4 foreign language groups Budget/Supplies: World language crafts to-go for all ages Microphone Presentation equipment Food from other cultures Room/Tech Setup: The set-up requires the Meeting Room, the projector set-up, and a microphone for speakers… Continue reading World Languages Day

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Escape the Room: Program Guide

The Internship: Mystery Night Grades 7-12 Date: August 3, 2016 Number of Attendees: 3 sessions of 5-10 people Length: 1pm-4pm, 50 minutes for each group Staff/Volunteers: This program requires 1 staff member to facilitate and 2 volunteers to assist with the activities Budget/Supplies: Old office supplies A table with fun board games, etc. Tables Chairs… Continue reading Escape the Room: Program Guide