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September Events: Children’s Department

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Performers, Patrons, and Beyond

  What is so special about performers? The person you hire for your library program could be any patron walking by you in the street. They are strangers, for the most part, who want to get paid for entertaining and educating. Sometime the services they offer are what any librarian can do: crafts, activities, movement… Continue reading Performers, Patrons, and Beyond


Story Time with Rabbit Wranglers

Date: March 5, 2014 Where: The White Rabbit Cafe and Patisserie Who: Rabbit Wranglers Ages: 0-5 years old and Parents Facebook Feedback: 54 likes, 2 shares "We had so much fun!! Can't wait for the next one! Thank you" - Michelle, parent It was a time to put on my storytelling shoes and least fur-attracting attire for this… Continue reading Story Time with Rabbit Wranglers

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Prepare for Puns

  I was first introduced to the single page book at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh-Main Children's Department as a winter craft. There, I worked with children to develop their hand-eye coordination, ability to plan and creativity muscles. The process of the event went as follows: I told them to pick colors that they liked… Continue reading Prepare for Puns


Kazoo Fest 2014

At the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh-Main Children's Department, the KazooFest took the stage as reporters flew in and out of the scene, children buzzed their newly discovered All-American musical instruments, and everyone wore lovely hats, including yours truly. There has not been one program I have been a part of where the children and adults… Continue reading Kazoo Fest 2014


Lightsaber School

Imagine this. You are ready for another long day of cleaning library materials. You have already alphabetized all of the carts to enable the pages to do their jobs more constructively, and counted the library book usage using the Millennium Circulation system. Then, the magical librarian appears and her face lights up when she sees… Continue reading Lightsaber School


Being an American Girl

A tea party! In November, two lovely Debbies at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh-Main let me decorate a room for an American Girl Tea Party. Neatly tied bows on every chair, curling banners over the ceiling, and few on people. And everything--pink! For each girl and doll, there were magnets and bracelets to make and… Continue reading Being an American Girl