Costume Design

Titus Andronicus: Largest Shakespearean cast, multiple changes for characters

36138_10150336859260377_4167731_n 73800_10150336860135377_5117390_n 74348_10150336864645377_4601855_n 75668_10150336864030377_1059974_n 76200_10150336864325377_2151256_n

The Trial of Pelosi: Lead Costume Designer

33659_10150301968305377_2869142_n 33659_10150301968315377_8273420_n 33659_10150301968335377_6574089_n 33724_10150301964995377_950432_n 37932_10150301970610377_1563654_n

Salomé: Substitute Costume Designer

24472_10150111828290377_2670021_n 24472_10150111828015377_5854642_n 24472_10150111828010377_7789839_n salome1 salome2 salome3 24472_10150111828075377_478681_n

Dog Sees God: Nationally recognized Honors for Costume Design

When We Dead Awaken

24472_10150111802425377_3034092_n 24472_10150111807905377_1635134_n

Picasso at Lapine Agile

41311_10150271074515377_1279435_n 46304_10150271082565377_2373148_n 47357_10150271072530377_5256407_nIndependent:

Catching_the_Wind_by_silencedprayer Dual_Screen_Wonderland_by_silencedprayer fallen_star_by_silencedprayer-d616hv7 One_Soul_by_silencedprayer


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