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The Physics of the Trebuchet (In Progress)

Problems: Critical condition of group. SPS has been inactive for over three years, with a maximum of 6 members. Barely any professors know undergraduate majors’ names. National Organization is on verge of disowning group.

Goal: Increase undergrad involvement. Make them get noticed by their peers and maintain a rotating structure of involvement that will enable the group to grow beyond the limit of majors and graduating seniors.

Method: Increase awareness of group through social media platforms and public presentation in activity fairs. Develop and maintain communication channels with current members and assist them with creating structure for organization. Attend weekly meetings. Bolster attendance with minimum budget by targeting community interests through online surveys and direct interaction with students. Utilize online resources (asana app) to maintain on-task development.

Result: Increased attendance by 446%. Students have developed independent involvement and worked to earn a budget from the University independent of the department. Regained the trust of the department, increasing original activity funds by 200%.

SPS Officers
SPS Officers

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