Undergraduate Coordinator

Twitter Account: Implemented for on-site information sharing. Account single-handedly sold out APAGS Hoagie Sale three hours before their official close, two times in a row.

Department Facebook: Developed and maintained for official department news, a core resource the department lacked prior to my employment.

Physics and Astronomy Homepage: Independently edited entire Drupal website for content and style errors and outdated information. Educated co-workers on how to correctly submit posts and navigate information. Currently developing interactive brochures and a virtual tour of department buildings for this website.

Joint Physics and Astronomy Libguide: Established a hither-to nonexistent partnership between the Physics and Astronomy Department and the Bevier Engineering Library.

Peterson’s Graduate School Search Site: Co-wrote information for online and print submissions. Utilized Paint.net to edit pictures.


Department Program Coordinator

Society of Physics Students Staff Mentor

Undergraduate Teaching Assistant Program Administrator

In Progress:

end-of-semester stress-free scavenger hunt, faculty recruitment, undergraduate profile page, department print brochure, weekly reminders, SPS midterm report, end-of-term surveys, online virtual department tour, data reports tracking enrollment, monthly calendars, Assemble partnership, SPS trebuchet build project

Print advertisement created for Peterson's annual report
Print advertisement created for Peterson’s annual report

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